Athletic Motivational Stories

Are you having trouble staying motivated? Then you’ve come to the right place.  We hope to provide a website that is both motivating and informative and we want to be able to do exactly what our URL says, give motivation for athletes.

Within this site you will find motivational stories, quotes and sayings as well as movies and even gifts for athletes. Some of the stories are about professional athletes and some are about athletes just like you and me. Motivation for athletes is not just about helping one type of athlete. We want to help everyone from high school or collegiate athletes to the average Joe to even the elite professional. With athletic motivational stories, quotes, tips and moments; we can provide all you need to inspire yourself or your team to perform better than yesterday and to be the BEST version of you!

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.” – Bo Jackson

“When it’s all said and done, and you’re looking back at your life; wouldn’t you want to say that at least you took a chance?”

“To get what you’ve never had, you have to be willing to do what you’ve never done.”

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Live your purpose.  Live your dreams.

In everyone’s life, we face obstacles that determine our character.  These obstacles may be great achievements or they may be huge failures.  More times than not we have to fail in order to succeed.  Think back in history.  Many of our great leaders failed before they succeeded.  Thomas Edison failed over 10,000 times before finally succeeding at inventing the light bulb.  Or Michael Jordan who was cut from his high school basketball team for being too small before going on to be arguably the greatest basketball player to ever play in the NBA.

We cannot be afraid of failure.  As soon as we lose our sense of urgency at being successful, we lose our purpose.  Being successful is about getting up after you get knocked down or trying one more time after you’ve failed over 10,000 times.  Life is about achieving when others say you can’t do it.  It’s about thinking that the word “impossible” really means “I’m possible.”  You push forward when others would have given up.  You refuse to quit.  Why?  Because this is your life, your dreams and your success.

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Motivational Movies

There are several ways to get motivated.  One of them is through motivational videos.  We’ve searched for the best ones we can find and put them in our motivational movies section.

Whatever It Takes

Anybody can quit. It’s exactly what your adversaries or competitors hope you will do, and there’s always a legitimate excuse. But have faith; and hang in there. Stay in touch with your dream and commitment. Remember that your resources are always far deeper and far greater than you ever imagine them to be. You got yourself this far. Down deep you’ve got what it takes to go the distance.

Do you have whatever it takes?

Daily Discipline

Everything counts! Everything you do today, every decision you make, every thought you have, every action you engage in, has some kind of consequence somewhere in your future.  Without measurable specific goals for each important area of your life, these decisions, thoughts and actions become nothing more than a random exercise in futility.

Make a conscious decision today to take control of your life. Instead of maintaining a habit of procrastination, develop a bias for action!  Remember, goal setting is not about timing; it’s about decisions. It’s not about luck or chance; it’s about determination and hard work.  Being athletic isn’t just about how much talent you have.  It’s about being persistent in every aspect.  If you consistently do the little things then they will eventually compound on themselves and explode into nothing but success.

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