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Attitude Latitude Or Attitude is Everything.

Attitude is everything is a common phrase. But it’s also very true.

Your attitude affects everything you do. It affects how others see you and respond to you. It ultimately affects who you become as a person.

Look at the list below and mark which statement best fits you when it comes to trying new things. Find out if you are happy with where you’re at on the attitude latitude scale.

Are you very open to new ways of doing things? Do you like to think about them for a while or do you go forward anyway, but full of doubt? Or do you just go with the attitude of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and only resort to new things when you absolutely have to?

Obviously you’ll be more relaxed, and therefore higher up the latitude scale, in some things than others. But in general, whereon the scale do you fit?Note where you fit at present. Are you satisfied with that?

If not, next time you have the opportunity to try something new, or to do something you haven’t done before, try for the next item UP the scale. Consciously say it to yourself in regard to the situation you are facing.

For example, if, right now, you feel you fit mostly in the “I wish I could” range, your challenge for next time is to be at the “I want to” mark. Once you are comfortable there, move on up to the “I think I might” point and so on, until you are at the top. “I will” and “I did” are both top of the line, class A attitudes.

You deserve them, and your life will improve the closer you get to them.

So take the time NOW, to consider where you are.

You can even have different colored markings for different areas of your life, different types of challenges. And then just keep moving on up till your attitude latitude is right on top of the heap.

Here’s the Attitude ladder you will be climbing, starting at the top and working down:

– I did it!
– I will do it
– I can do it
– I probably can do it
– I might try to do it
– I’ll think about trying to do it
– I do want to do it
– I wish I could, but I’m not sure I can do it
– I don’t know how to do it
– I can’t do it
– I won’t try because I know I can’t do it

Where do you fit right now? Remember, attitude is everything.

When you say to yourself “I can’t”, in any form, you are programming yourself for defeat. The more often you think it or say it to yourself the more you believe it.

Instead give it a positive twist, say to yourself “I will do it, with the help of “x” and “y” I can do it.” “x” and “y” may be people, but they may also be strategies, tools, courses, whatever you need to arrive at your desired destination.

The latitude of your attitude determines your chance of success. You can do it. You just have to believe it and keep a positive attitude towards your goals.

By Fiona MacKay

Sometimes it just takes one extra degree, found out what that means here.

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