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Why You Suck At Everything Until You Don’t

We all suck at something until we don’t.  The first time we try something new, we suck at it.  Okay so maybe suck is not the right word.  But should that stop you from continuing to try it?  No, of course not.  The only way you’ll get better, is to continue to try improving how you go about it.  That’s easier said than done of course.  I know for me, one of my biggest fears is failing.  The fear of failure (also called “atychiphobia”) is when we allow that fear to stop us doing the things that can move us forward to achieve our goals.

In some cases, the fear of failure can be so powerful and preventative that we actually end up not moving forward.  Maybe even going backwards.  So how do we conquer the fear of failure?  Well, there are many things out there but here’s what I’ve found to help me:

  • Set Goals – Write your goal down on a piece of paper and place it where you can see it every single day.
    • The more you see it, the more likely you’ll believe it.  If you believe it then you can and will achieve it.
  • Focus on what I’ll learn from it – The chances are the first time you attempt to go after your goal, that you’ll fail at it.  But that’s okay, as long as you learn something from it.
    • Throughout history, the greatest achievements came from failing.  Thomas Edison failed over a 1000 times at creating the light bulb.  But all it took was getting it right, ONE TIME, then history was made.
    • “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” – Samuel Beckett
  • Find 3 positives from the situation – It’s human nature to find the negative in the situation.  That’s why many of us stop pursuing our goals.  By finding at least 3 positives, you can grow and truly learn from it.  Thomas Edison was asked what it felt like to fail a 1000 times.  His response was simply, “I didn’t fail a 1000 times.  The light bulb was an invention with a 1000 steps.”
    • That statement speaks volumes to how Edison’s mind worked.  He found the positives that helped him to keep moving forward.
    • If we remove the negatives then we can and will find a way to achieve our goals.

None of this means anything if you’re not taking action toward what you want to accomplish.  I’ve said a lot of things so far in my life but until I started taking action they were just words.  And quite frankly, most of it is just words and dreams.  The things I have accomplished i.e. running track at a Division I program and completing a Half Iron-man just to name a couple, were because I sat down with a goal and focused on what I wanted to accomplish.

In the beginning of both of those goals, I kept getting hurt, partly because I was approaching training in the wrong way.  But I learned from each set back to then come back stronger and stronger where eventually both goals were met.

Make a commitment today to take action.  And be prepared to suck at it, at first, then as you learn and keep moving forward, you can have success after success.  Believe it and you can achieve it!

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucius

Written by: Tim Kane

Timothy J Kane, EzineArticles Basic Author

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Motivational Techniques – The Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is the key to your entire lifestyle.  If you want to achieve a goal you must think and be positive.  If you are negative about achieving a goal you will procrastinate and not want to work toward it.  So here a some tips to thinking positive.

Focus on the important things:

It is very common for people to focus their energy on things that are not important.  When your emotional energy is spent on things that are not important it can be very draining.  The first thing you need to do is to be very clear about what goal you’re trying to achieve and why it’s important to you.  Create a  mission and a vision for your goal.  This will help you take a step back when things get tough and help you decide if it is really worth the energy.  My guess is that if it’s about your goal than it is.  When you are clear about the important goals then you will maintain a positive attitude and negative thoughts won’t take you away from the goal you’re trying to achieve.  Check out our section on goal setting for help creating the plan.

Maintain good health:

Staying motivated and positive also means you must be a healthy person.  It’s hard to have a positive attitude when you don’t take care of your body.  There are three primary things you need to do in order to create a healthy body.  These things include eating right, getting enough sleep each night and of course exercise/training.

Your diet can have a lot to do with the way you feel on a daily basis.  A balanced diet can help you feel good everyday which in turn helps you stay positive.  For example, if you drink too much soda you might create a caffeine addiction which causes headaches.  Headaches can not only cause a negative attitude but you won’t be very motivated to do anything with it.

Eating a balanced and healthy diet means cutting out the fatty foods, the sugars, alcohol (if you’re of age) and other things that get you down.  You should be eating fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken and lots of water.

It’s best to try and get a full 8 hours of sleep each night.  When you’re tired, negative thoughts begin to rush into your brain causing your attitude to shift in the wrong direction.  If you’re well rested, you’re more likely going to take a step toward your goal.


Another thing you can do to create a positive attitude is to give.  Giving means not only gifts but your time, attention and energy.  Schedule time to give back and your attitude will stay positive and ultimately help you achieve your goals.

Focus on your strengths:

Everyone has strengths and they are good at something.  If you focus on your strengths then you can enjoy the things that you’re good at and this will help you keep a positive attitude.  When you think of a weakness, you think of a negative which will only cause problems at accomplishing your goal or goals.  Take your strength and run with it.

Never let anyone stand in the way of your goal or goals.  They mean something to you and that’s all that matters.  When you get in the morning take one small step by making your bed.  It sounds simple but it sets the tone for the rest of the day by accomplishing the first task of the day.  Once you’ve accomplished the first task then you can accomplish another then another the rest of the day.  And if the day doesn’t go as planned at least when you head home from a rough day you’ll have a bed that is made.


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Motivational Techniques – Continuous Learning

Learning promotes growth.  If you’re not learning then you’re not growing.  It’s healthy for the brain and you’re never too old to learn something new.  Try and learn something new every day through reading, listening or doing.  Continuously learning new things will help you become open to take on things you didn’t think you could do before.

Learning is important to motivation.  Try and get into a routine of learning something new each day.  This will help stimulate your brain cells and increase your overall motivation.  If you’re a baseball player then try and watch a professional swing a bat and then try it out for yourself.  Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t but at least you know something new about how to swing a bat.

Your mind and body have to be challenged.  Otherwise, you run the risk of maintaining status quo and possibly getting stuck.  The definition of insanity is to do something the same way over and over again and expect a different result.  It doesn’t matter what age you are because we are all guilty of getting stuck in the same old way of doing things.

If you challenge yourself on a daily basis then you’re more likely to advance and complete the goals you’ve set out for yourself.  So get out there and learn something new!

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Motivational Techniques – Keeping Good Company

Hanging out with positive people is one of the best ways to be motivated.  You should talk to someone positive at least once a day.  Many of the ways you can have a positive encounter with people include in person, over the phone, and over the computer.  Try to make this a habit on a daily basis.

Some people are not very social.  They might go days without talking to others.  This is very unhealthy.  If you are one of these people who is not a very social person and find that you don’t have many encounters with others you probably also are not too motivated to succeed also.  This doesn’t mean you have to be a social bug.  What this means is that you need to feed your need for positive interaction.  You don’t have to see the other person either.  There are techniques you can practice to encounter others positively without even seeing them in person.  How you do these things is up to you but this is very important.

Keeping good company means hanging out with others who are supportive of you and your goals for life.  You want people to support you and believe in you too.  If you have goals to be successful in athletics you should hang out with people who are supportive.  If you are around people who are negative about your endeavors and not supportive then you will not feel good about it at all.  Cut the negativity out.  If these people are family members it could be the most difficult decision you ever made.  However, it will be the best thing you can do for you.  If people are not supportive or positive then cut them out.

The most common way you can have an encounter with someone on a daily basis is to talk to people.  You should have regular encounters with positive people.  The best way to start your day is to have a morning conversation with a positive person.  This is an excellent way to start your day and put you in a great mood for the day.  You will already start the social side of you so when you get the day started you won’t feel like such a grouch.

If you do not have time in the mornings to have a conversation with someone then try and find time to talk over the phone.  Just make sure it’s someone that will make you feel good about yourself.

The next best thing would be to use the internet to find someone to chat with that is positive.  Find a group in the sport that you’re training for so you can also be talking about similar goals.  You can motivate each other.

Negativity can almost be infectious in some situations.  You want to be sure the people you are talking to are positive.  If the person you choose to hang out with is a negative person who is always complaining and who sees the negative side of everything they might not be who you want to help you become motivated.  Negativity will only bring you down and cause you to be negative too.

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Motivational Techniques – Keeping It Simple

When thinking about motivation the first thing you need to do is create your space around you at home or around a locker.  This space needs to remain simple and positive.  The things around you have a lot to do with the way you feel and if you will be motivated or stuck in a funk.

Your space should contain and display items that make you feel positive about life and about reaching goals.  If you have goals and things you would like to do it might be a good idea to post these things on the wall of your room or locker.  This way you have a constant reminder of the things you would eventually like to do.

Only you know where you would like to be in the future.  You should create your space as a constant and positive reminder that you are working to get there.  Create a positive atmosphere around you no matter where you are.  This also includes the car you drive if you are old enough to drive.  You would be surprised how good you will feel when you clean your space.

A clean space make a really big deal when you need motivation.  If you find yourself sitting in mounds of trash, paperwork, clothes then you might have the attitude you are never going to complete the things you need done.  A messy space can be frustrating and depressing.  It may cause you to procrastinate and even be disorganized with your thoughts as well as your work.

A messy space can be depressing and disabling.  Many people will sit around procrastinating for hours in a messy space.  It’s amazing how good a clean space can make you feel.  You will feel great and ready to take on anything if you just clean your space.  Get rid of those clothes which have been sitting in the closest for years that you haven’t worn once.  Clean house means create a new space that is positive and ready for the new to come into your space.  Get rid of all of the old.

Keeping it simple has a lot to do with the way you feel and the attitude you have when you wake up in the morning.  Clean up the spaces you live in and make a positive atmosphere for you to enjoy and want to have a good day.  You will finally see the goals as achievable rather than sit around thinking about them.

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Motivational Techniques

Motivation is what keeps us going.  it is the reason people succeed and the reason people fail.  Motivation is the drive someone has to compete a task.  The ingredients of motivation are combined with many factors which include simplicity, attitude, the people you hang around, the way you think, knowing yourself, helping other people and so much more.

Motivation is the spark everyone needs to make it throughout the day, to set and meet goals, and more.  Without motivation you will fail.  When you have apathy toward something you are not motivated because you couldn’t care either way.  This is the worst attitude you can have because it isn’t negative either.  Someone who feels this way isn’t capable of achieving anything because they don’t care if they do or not.  If you are feeling this way then this website is exactly what you need to overcome your attitude and begin feeling motivated again.

When you know how to remain motivated with yourself you can also help others because your attitude will be contagious.  When you practice daily motivational techniques eventually they will come to you naturally.  It will take time for you to begin to naturally practice and follow these techniques.

Check back next week for the motivational techniques.

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The Power of Being Positive

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” – Zig Ziglar


It gets tough when training for a sport.  Some days you feel like quitting while other days you feel like you’re on top of the world.  Unfortunately, sometimes there are more tougher days and it becomes difficult to keep going.  The ones that excel in their sport are the ones that find a way to push through those days because they know it will be worth it when their goal is reached.  As an athlete, practice means progress.  The more you practice and train the better you will be.  No ones perfect and no ones expects you to be.  It’s been proven time after time that constant and consistent effort day in and day out will result in positive results.

On the days when it gets tough, those are the days that reading an inspirational quote or story or even talking with someone you trust as well as watching a video can help keep you going.  Never give up and never give in.  Stay positive and look beyond today toward the goal you’re trying to reach.  If you can do that then positive results will happen.  You can and will accomplish your goal (s).  See the finish line and ALWAYS believe in yourself.  Constant and consistent effort is how you get through it.

Now get out there and go make progress toward your goal (s)!

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Thinking of doing an Ironman 70.3? Buy a training plan now

Then we may just have the plan for you.  It’s simple and effective to get the results you want.  Check out the training plan below !  If you’re not sure exactly what an Ironman 70.3 is then read further on what an Ironman 70.3 is here.

Even if you’re not interested in competing in that type of an endurance race then use the plan to help change up your current training to help make you a better swimmer, biker or runner.

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing.  Motivation determines what you do.  Attitude determines how well you do it.”
-Lou Holtz


Week # 1 Swim Bike Run Xtrain Strength
Day 1 Warmup: 100-200 freestyle, 2 x 50 kick; Main set: 4 x 100(15-20 seconds rest between sets); Cooldown: 100-200 your choice of stroke (total = 700-900)
Day 2 4 miles 30-45 min
Day 3 Warmup: 100-200 freestyle, 2 x 50 kick; Main set: 500 steady swim; Cooldown: 100-200 your choice of stroke (total = 800-1000) 15 miles
Day 4 4 miles 30-45 min
Day 5 Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest
Day 6 20 miles 30-45 min
Day 7 Warmup: 100-200 freestyle, Main set: 700 steady swim; Cooldown: 100-200 your choice of stroke (total = 900-1100) 5 miles

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Effort – It’s Between You and You

Very good article on USA Today on Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens and motivational speeches. There are several good clips but the Ray Lewis one has a lot of great information. Here are a couple quick statements that were my favorite.

  • Effort – It’s between you and you.
  • If you want to do something; work at it!
  • What are you going to do with your time?

Here’s the clip!

Here’s the rest of the article on USA Today.  Motivational Speeches.

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Oscar Pistorius – Truly an Inspiration

Oscar Pistorius of South Africa has accomplished something that no other athlete has.  As a double amputee runner, he not only qualified to run the 400 meters in the 2012 London Olympics but he made it to the 2nd round against able bodied runners. 

This feet is absolutely amazing to me.  He defies everything that we were taught growing up.  Someone who is missing the bottom half of his legs should not be able to run in the Olympics, but he did.  And he did it well.  He is truly an inspiration and I can’t wait to see what else he can do.  Check out this article on the Washington Post.