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Post Workout Nutrition Tips

I would have to agree with this. For the most part, refueling your body with the correct combination of nutrients is extremely important to repairing muscles from the breakdown of a workout, and keeping up your metabolism.

However, I have noticed that heaps and heaps of people are confused – what actually makes a good post-workout meal? These are common questions I receive about post workout meals:

– Are post-workout meals only important for muscle building? Or Do they matter for fat loss as well?

– Is it useful to take a post-workout shake or drink? What combination of carbohydrates to protein to fat is ideal for a good post workout meal?

– How long after the workout should I have my post workout meal?


– Post-workout meals are actually crucial for BOTH bodybuilding and fat loss!

Remember that one of the most important equations is raising your body’s metabolic rate by building and maintaining adequate lean muscle tissue over your entire body.

By consuming a correct post workout meal, you assist your body in repairing and building lean muscle. The more lean muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate. Therefore you ‘burn’ A LOT faster.

– Are whole foods or supplement drinks better? Some post-workout shakes are better than others and some whole foods are better:

When it comes to post-workout meals, you can just about use the exact opposite strategy of your normal meals. With post-workout meals, you actually want a faster digesting carb source to stimulate an insulin response. This helps to push nutrients and glycogen back into your muscle cells for repair. Remember, this is not just important for building muscle, but also for losing fat.

– The best ratio of carbs and protein?

After extensive review, most pro’s seem to agree that a ratio 2: 1 – carbs: protein is ideal. This seems to be the ideal combination for muscle repair and a boost to resting metabolic rate, leading to long term body fat loss.

– When should you drink your post-workout meal once your done working out?

As soon as you can after your workout!

Studies have shown that the sooner you take your post workout meal or shake, the better your muscle recovery. Also, the high quantity of the carbs ingested will be used for muscle glycogen replenishment.

Hence, the first thing to do after your workout is to take your shake, and then have your post workout meal.

By Jeff McDougall

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