Running Tips

If you’re a runner then you understand that you will have your ups and downs.  It’s not easy to hit the pavement every single day whether you’re training for the next big race or simply just trying to stay in shape.  Here are some tips to help you stay motivated to get out there and challenge yourself to get better day in and day out.

  • Find someone to run with.
  • Determine your goals (Is it to finish your first 5k? Or to run a personal best time?)
  • Make up a plan for running. (Put it in your schedule just like an important meeting.)
  • Tell your friends and family about your goals. (This will hold you accountable.)
  • Watch runners racing on the television.
  • Be prepared for tougher days. (Tell yourself on these days that you will just run for 10 minutes but that you have to run the 10 minutes.  More than likely you will end up running farther once you’re out there.  If not then at least you got something in for the day.)
  • Try running with music.
  • Remain positive and remove negative words from your vocabulary.
  • Keep in mind that there are days when it could hurt. (Be smart so not to injure yourself long term but in most cases you’ll be fine.)
  • Research as much as you can about running.
  • Make sure to have the right kind of shoes and change them out every 3-4 months.
  • Get some nice running clothes. (Looking good goes a long way in feeling good.)
  • Know your pace and work to keep it unless it’s a speed day.
  • Try and relax while you’re running. (Take a look at your surroundings and listen to whats around you.)
  • Think of minutes when running.
  • Join a running group and meet some new friends.
  • Sign up for a race. (Set a goal for yourself)
  • Don’t overdo it.
  • Only increase your mileage by 10% each week.
  • Try and run on soft trails as much as possible.
  • Pick one or two days a week where you run uptempo.
  • Incorporate cross training instead of running every day. (elliptical, biking, swimming, etc)

These are just a few tips to help with your running.  It’s one of the sports where a little hard work can and will go a long way toward accomplishing your goal or goals.

Hit the road running!