Motivational Quotes – 6th Edition

Quotes by Leaders

“Do something wonderful, people may imitate it.” – Albert Schweitzer

This is a simple quote but a powerful one. You never know who may be watching. All the reason to make sure you’re setting the right example and doing the right things. Lead by example is especially important concept for coaches and specifically coaches of younger athletes.

Coaches set the stage for how athletes should be executing on the game plan. But coaches are also the ones who set the culture for the entire team. Athletes will imitate their coach if they respect what that individual is trying to accomplish. Respect is earned when respect is given. Coaches and athletes should expect to be held accountable as they work toward one common goal.

Lead by example

Lead by Example

“Example, whether it be good or bad, has a powerful influence.” – George Washington

Athletes who “throw a fit” when they have a bad play or get a bad call are setting a bad example for everyone watching. It’s okay to be frustrated, but its never okay to act out. As a father of 3, when my kids throw a fit because I won’t let them have another cookie or stay up past their bed time, I’m reminded of those athletes we see on TV who consistently act out. What are they teaching our children?

What those athletes are showing, is bad behavior is acceptable. Try to be an athlete or a coach, who leads by example. Show whoever may be watching that it matters how you react to a situation. Lead with a positive attitude and you’ll get positive results.

Next time you’re faced with a frustrating play or outcome, think about whose watching. You can always learn from the outcome so it doesn’t happen again, but the message you send matters to the people that may be watching. Lead by example and show what it means to be a GREAT all around athlete.

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